Peace & Harmony in Mind, Body & Spirit

There are so many activities that nurture body, mind and spirit; the important thing is to find and keep a balance between all three of these aspects that make up who you are – it is by finding the right balance that will allow you to achieve a perfectly harmonious life. Some people feel that they are missing something in their life but cannot quite understand what the missing element is. They usually believe that they need an ideal partner, a bigger house or more money to be happy. But these are all external factors that don’t lead to true happiness. What they are really missing is true inner peace, balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit. It is relatively easy to achieve a perfect balance of these aspects once you know how to nurture each of them…

How to nurture your body

To improve the health of your body you can do several things. First and foremost, as we all already know, you should eat healthy food. The well-known saying ‘You are what you eat’ is very true, therefore you should always make sure you eat good, nutritious food.
Some believe that eating meat (especially red meat) really damages your body because you absorb all the negative energies of the animal whose meat you are eating. Many people find that when they stop eating meat they become more positive, sort of ‘lighter’ and feel more receptive to signs from the universe which help attract good things into their experience.There have also been claims to a better understanding and connection to nature and animals. You become closer to who you really are because there are less blockages in connection to your true, higher self.
Fruit and vegetables are obviously the best source of food to eat, especially raw ones. They still contain good life energy, which is pure positivity. So if you eat them regularly you will feel the difference they make to your overall health and mental wellbeing.
The more alive the food, the better. The less alive it is (preserved, dried, etc.) the less good, positive energy you get from it.
Another great activity for your body as we all know, is exercise. It tones and strengthens and as a result it becomes immune to different diseases.
You can also nurture your body by taking hot relaxing baths, going to a spa, having a massage, meditation or doing any other relaxing and pleasurable activity that makes you feel good.

How to nurture your mind

Although all aspects of you are closely interlinked, it is your mind that is interconnected with your body the most. Therefore whatever you do for your mind almost always reflects in the body.
For example, if you always think negatively, your body will eventually suffer from stress. If you think positively on the other hand, your body relaxes and builds up a more natural immunity to diseases.
The quality of your thoughts therefore are of paramount importance. As pioneered by Louise Hay, all physical ailments and conditions have their root cause in some sort of  imbalance in our thoughts and feelings. An excellent way to still the mind is the practice of Meditation. It allows you to be still and stop the constant chitter chatter of your mind, even if only for a few minutes each day.

I am also a firm believer of Positive Affirmations which assist in manifesting your desires simply by saying the right thing to yourself. Although affirmations  are a sort of “created” condition (in the sense that you still do not have whatever it is you are affirming), it is through positive affirmations that you convince your mind that it is in fact, your current reality. Hence, evidence of what you affirm begins to show itself in your life.
Reading and indulging in positive movies is another way to nurture your mind. I highly recommend getting your hands on spiritually uplifting movies such as The Secret, The Moses Code, Pay it Forward (to name but a few)
There are a very many books in this day and age that come under the heading of ‘Self-Help’ or ‘Spirituality’. One of my all time favourite author’s is Eckhart Tolle and both ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘A New Earth’ come highly recommended. (I will produce a list of my favourite books in the near future).
You may know people who seem to go through life dreaming – dreaming of their ideal partner and dreaming of living in great big houses and so on…  But in the end, it is just that…. A dream!!! And then you notice other people who always seem to get what they desire; these are the seeminly “lucky” ones because everything in life seems to go their way. Why is this? This happens because these people are very closely aligned to who they really are and what they really want. Their thoughts and feelings are in vibrational match and thus they allow the universe to bring whatever it is they desire into their experience.

How to nurture your spirit

Some may think it is almost impossible to nurture your spirit because it is such an abstract and intangible matter. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to feed your spirit.
Souls appreciate and crave beauty. When you are very disconnected from who you really are, you seem not to see the beauty that surrounds you. People who enjoy violent and aggressive movies are a perfect example of such a disconnection.
They enjoy negative things because they are so far away from who they really are that they cannot hear the needs of their soul and thus only feed their addictive ego.
When you become more in tune with who you really are you start realising that you constantly seek beauty; it is your soul telling you that it appreciates beauty and to find it in everything that you do or see.
There are extraordinary ways to nurture your soul through beauty. Going to art galleries, looking at and being in nature, drawing, singing, listening to people singing, being nice to someone, making people happy… these are all forms of beauty.
When you really appreciate beauty and are immersed in it, you feel like you have finally come home.

Final thoughts…

Some people are so involved in their daily struggles and the need to get ahead that they completely disconnect from all the aspects of who they are.
This produces various forms of diseases, unhappiness and complete disempowerment. Their connection to all aspects of themselves (mind, body & spirit) becomes weak and out of synch. It is therefore very important to consciously restore the balance between body, mind and spirit.
When you nurture all three aspects of yourself equally, you achieve perfect balance resulting in great health, pure positivity and happiness. You feel liberated and secure; you lose all sense of fear and really get into the flow of life manifesting everything it is that you desire with tremendous ease.

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