Meditation for Wellbeing

Like us all, I’ve had my fair share of life challenges, everything from abuse to homelessness and even bankruptcy, experiences which played havoc on my emotional and mental wellbeing. I’ve also been a seeker of knowledge my whole life, but it’s only when I stopped looking for answers in books and the outside world and started listening to the teachings of my soul through meditation, that I found true happiness, balance, and inner peace.

In 2015, I made meditation a consistent practice and since then I’ve been passionately studying and teaching mindfulness to help people deal with life’s stresses and anxieties. I embraced my calling to train as a Meditation Leader so I can continue to empower, inspire and educate people to live an authentic, happy and peaceful life no matter what’s going on in your world and no matter what challenges you’re facing.

Meditation means going within and finding the strength and wisdom to navigate life’s bumpy roads.It’s definitely been my pathway to peace and clarity. To go within is to find the teacher within.

Allow me to be your guide during your meditation journey so that you too can discover that even the slightest shift in perspective can bring you greater emotional and mental wellbeing.

Please click here to register for my upcoming online meditation sessions.

Become a Meditation Leader

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