Your Best Life Yet Workshop

You can be the person you’ve always wanted to be, the very best version of yourself, and live a life that you love.

Heal yourself, get in sync with your true spirit and find your voice and your power. This interactive workshop will help you to recover from being a victim of your life’s circumstances to being a creator of the life you want. You will shift your internal energy levels so you’re in a place of calm, serene, true power. You will be a newer, more whole, healed, complete version of yourself.

Price: £37
To be put on the waitlist, please use the Contact link here to register your interest.

Vision Board1
Ask – Believe – Receive

How to Create a Powerful Vision Board to Create the Life of Your Dreams

You deserve to be happy. You are enough and you’ve got this! Life may have knocked you down, but look at you still breathing. You know why? Because you’ve got something this world needs-and only you have it.  You’ve been so focused on other people’s wants and needs that you’ve probably forgotten your own.

In this interactive and creative workshop, you will create a powerful vision board to put yourself first, clear confusion, and detox self-doubt.  A vision board is one tool among many that can be used to create and attract the life you want; a sacred space to hold intentions for each area of your life.

Manifesting a life you truly love requires a willingness to ask, believe, and receive all the things you deserve and desire.

The Vision Board workshop will help you:

  • Identify your life vision
  • Focus on your intentions
  • Clarify your life goals
  • Create affirmations

Magazines will be available on the day but I encourage you to bring any of your own personal magazines/print out images from the internet that resonate with your own desires.

** All materials (glue/scissors/magazine/paper) will be provided

Next workshop: Currently unavailable due to current social distancing regulations
Price: £60

To register your interest in this workshop, please use the Contact and you will be notified once these are up and running again.
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