Are Your Core Beliefs Keeping You Stuck?

One of my all-time favourite quotes is from my spiritual mentor and teacher, the man who taught me and continues to teach me so much, Dr. Wayne Dyer:

‘’If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’’

In his book, The Power of Intention, Dr Dyer teaches us that you are what you think, that you are a walking reflection of your core beliefs. Many of us go through life holding onto old, negative beliefs and the truth is that I have come to the deep realisation and knowing that beliefs are not passive. Every day, we turn our core beliefs into action whether consciously or not and the world we experience is simply a mirror of those beliefs.

We all project ourselves based on our unshakeable truths, our core beliefs, our past experiences, our personal life histories, but if our core beliefs undermine our wellbeing, they must be changed. Thinking about our core beliefs isn’t something we often do; we merely react according to what they are almost automatically. Our lives are filled with second-hand beliefs we have inherited from our families, our educators and society in general, most of which we have blindly adopted as our own and many of which are negative and self-limiting. Beliefs such as not being good enough and that life is hard, life is unfair, life is an uphill struggle. Beliefs such as these which we have absorbed and taken on as our own, keep us stuck, often in self-destructive, energy depleting ways and keep us living in an ego based consciousness grounded on who we think we are, rather than seeing our true selves, who we really are.

How can you realign and redefine your core beliefs? The first step is to become aware of the ones that feel negative and constrictive. And how do you become aware? By being here and now. Meditation and yoga are useful practices which help us to be fully present and to transcend old, negative, self-limiting beliefs which keep us trapped. Meditation allows us to experience what Ram Dass calls ‘empty presence’ – a mind free from the clutter of thought, a sense of spaciousness in being and non-doing, a space where we can experience ourselves as the infinite and limitless beings we truly are.

It is with this awareness that you begin to break the identity with ego and enjoy the unfolding story of your life without feeling stuck. Instead of struggling against the forces of life, you find these life forces supporting and energising you in mind, body and spirit. You begin to see your life experiences as grace, as opportunities which allow you to become free from your ego-self and awaken to your higher self. You start to delight in the fact that there are no mistakes in a perfect Universe. Conceive of this possibility for one moment; conceive of the possibility that there are no mistakes, no errors in life, that whatever cards life has dealt you, were and are cards and experiences tailor-made for you.

You are a spiritual entity that has carnated on this physical plane in your current physical form to awaken to the truth of who you truly are. By being in a state of empty presence, everything in your life still goes on, but your mind doesn’t grab and hold onto the stories you tell yourself, it doesn’t react to the meaning you place on your life’s events/circumstances and in so doing you begin to let go of limiting beliefs, opting instead to hold on to life-supporting ones where you realign with your true self which is synonymous with pure existence, awareness and love.

sat chit ananda

In love and light

Patrizia x

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