Who Am I to Inspire Others?

We all have secrets and stories about our past we don’t reveal when we cross paths with others. This is mine.

It’s the story of my personal transformation; a story revealing how my past held me captive for way too many years; a story that my soul has been calling me to share for nearly a decade; a story of living from a place of fear to choosing to live from the love within me that has been deeply hidden my whole life. It hasn’t been an easy ride but I made it out of the wilderness and so can you.

Why have I decided to reveal my story now? Because I have finally found my voice; because being authentic and owning my truth has given me the confidence to step into my own power, follow my passion and transform my life. And it is through my own transformation that I have been inspired to share my story to help others and live with purpose.

Ten years ago, I didn’t think I looked like a ‘typical’ survivor of domestic violence. I hold a post-graduate qualification, have always had a decent career, I come from a good Italian background and I drive a BMW. As I was living the nightmare experience, I found it hard to understand and to interpret it. I knew I was a strong, intelligent woman and in my mind these things don’t happen to strong women. How wrong I was. Domestic violence can happen to anyone and is everywhere. It does not differentiate between race, socio-economic background, level of education, culture or religion. Believing I didn’t look like a typical survivor was juxtaposed with the fact that I was a typical domestic violence victim who knew nothing about the issue. The statistics behind domestic abuse are startling, but the numbers don’t tell the stories. The stories of fear, the feeling of powerlessness, the loss of self-esteem and confidence, the anxiety and depression so many of us face when in an abusive relationship.

I’m not going to reveal the horrific details of abuse. Anyone who has ever gone through it knows only too well how soul destroying the experience is. I am here to empower women across the globe. I am here to reveal that you CAN be the person you’ve always wanted to be, the very best version of yourself, and live a life that you love. I am here to help you heal yourself, get in sync with your true spirit, and find your voice and your power. My hope is that by sharing my story, I can inspire others to recover from being a victim of life’s circumstances to being a creator of the life you want. My weekly blogs are aimed at shifting your internal energy levels so that you can find your own place of calm, serene, true power.

As women, we have been indoctrinated from an early age to put others’ needs first. In so doing, this leaves no energy for ourselves, for our own mission and purpose. The experience forced me to learn about self-care and self-love. My healing journey has taught me that we are the ones that have to set boundaries and teach others how we want to be treated. I have also learnt that we are the ones who are responsible for how people receive us because others get that perception through how we engage with them and the world. In any relationship, whether that may be at home, with family, friends or even in the workplace, the common denominator is you. These relationships are an opportunity to ask yourselves: ‘’How am I showing up to each of these relationships and what is it about me, about what I’m presenting (not ‘what’s wrong with me’) that is giving people this comfort in overstepping my boundaries?’’ Maybe you haven’t created any boundaries or set them high enough around your personal space, but instead of being resentful, ask yourself ‘’How can I engage in these relationships in a way that feels healthy?’’. And if relationships are not servicing your growth, you have the choice and the power to walk away.

When you hold back your own transformation, you hold back that of the global planet. In my next blog post, I will share more about my healing journey and how I found my voice; how I came to the realisation that I don’t have to be whole and complete to be of service to others and how I began to choose love over fear by connecting with my true source of being, my true power which lives in the hearts of each and every one of us.

Everyone has a story. Be authentic and don’t try to hide behind what you are. Step into WHO you are and you will begin a love affair with yourself that will put you at the forefront of creating a life you love and deserve.

With much love

Patrizia x

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