The Illusion of the Ego

No one has seen the face of the ego. It is like a ghost that we accept as a controlling influence in our lives. The reason no one has seen the ego is that the ego is an idea. The ego is a mental, invisible, formless, boundaryless idea. It is nothing more than the idea you have of yourself. Ego as a thing is non-existent. It is an illusion. Entertaining the illusion can prevent you from knowing your true self.
Dr. Wayne Dyer, ‘Your Sacred Self’

Most of us go through life with the belief that who we are is what we have, our jobs, the titles after our names, the qualifications we have under our belt, the car we drive, the type of place we live in, the list can go on and on. These are the beliefs dictated by our ego. The ego is the false idea of yourself, the one that has you believe that you’re not good enough, that voice in your head that says you cannot be happy, that you are not good enough, that you must compare yourself to others to assess your own value and worth. The ego wants to keep you in a constant state of confusion but the truth is that you do not have to listen to your false self; you have the power to choose your thoughts and access a higher version of yourself rather than allow your false self to dominate your life.

So if your ego is your false self, who is the real you? The real you is the voice of Love, the voice of Truth and the voice of Intuition. The real you is the wise guide that exists in you, that universal life force that connects all beings, the soul consciousness that is so much more than just your physical body. Your higher self is eternal and unlimited; it’s that part of you that shows you the way through your intuition, that teaches you through insight and that motivates and excites you through inspiration. In fact, if we dissect the word ‘inspiration’ we have ‘in spirit’; anything you are inspired to do/to be reflects a connection with your higher self.

So how can you tell the difference between your ego and higher self? The ego lives in fear, so any negative messages you hear or receive means it’s your false-self talking to you. Pay attention to your physical body too. Do you feel anxious, tense or angry? If so this is your ego. Your higher self on the other hand is always exuding a lighter energy and feelings of love, peace, happiness and joy; these indicate you are living from your higher, spiritual self.

Learn to listen to your soul; meditation is a great starting point to quieten the noise within and to centre and align yourself with universal source energy. You have the choice to choose thoughts that feel good or you can opt to live from your false-self, believing the negative self-talk that the ego thrives on.

‘’All the great teachers have left a similar message: Go within, discover your invisible higher self and know God as the love that is within you’’. Dr. Wayne Dyer

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