Discovering the Wisdom and Guidance of Your Older Self

I was recently invited to write a letter to myself at my current age from my inner 80 year old self, something I had never done before. I have written letters to my younger self in the past, but never channelled my wiser, older self. The words I received were very reassuring and I wanted to share her guidance and wisdom with you, so this is the letter she wrote to me:

Dear Patrizia

If you only knew how truly magnificent and deeply blessed you are, you would not hold yourself back. Your existence on this earthly plane is no accident. You have incarnated for a purpose and it’s now time to dismantle the protective layers of armour that have weighed you down for so long; it’s time to remove the shield and allow your true self to be revealed. It’s time to let your light shine brightly.

You are a wise soul, a comforting and nurturing being. It’s time for you to acknowledge your unique talents and share your gift with the world. You are enough, you always were; you just never saw it or believed it. You are perfect just the way you are – you were created by the source of perfection itself and can therefore be nothing but the same as that perfect source from where you originated.

Know, darling Patrizia, that you are not alone, you never have been; the conditioned mind of your ego has been keeping you trapped within the confines of your limited consciousness. Open your heart and begin to live from that heart centred space, opening yourself up to greatness and infinite possibilities and allowing yourself to receive the unlimited abundance that this beautiful universe has to offer.

Remember who you are my dear, sweet Patrizia.

In love and light

Patrizia (80 years old)

My older, wiser self was very gentle and comforting – her words filled with so much love. Her letter served as a reminder that we can all tap into our inner, higher self, that part of us that is deeply connected with source energy. All we need to do is to make space for her to be heard.

If you want to gain some perspective in your own life, I recommend you connect with your wiser, older self and discover the wisdom and guidance that she/he has to offer you.

With much love

Patrizia x

1 thought on “Discovering the Wisdom and Guidance of Your Older Self

  1. such a blessing and confirmation not just for you but for all of us that read these words
    thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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