Covid-19: A Global Wake-Up Call

So here we are, a world in lockdown, a world that doesn’t seem to make sense any more, a world shrouded in uncertainty, fear and panic.

This is a wake-up call on a global scale and as we awaken to the truth of the profound failure of our existing institutions, we also awaken to the truth of our possibilities and interconnections with one another and with Mother Earth. It’s as if the universe/nature is saying ‘Enough!’ It’s telling us that we’ve been running so fast and have been so busy that it’s time to slow down. It’s time for us to sit still for a while, take stock of what truly matters and dedicate ourselves to our own wellbeing and to the wellbeing of the interdependent world we live in.

This is but a moment in time, a very precious moment, and you have the power to decide how to get through it. You can choose to indulge in fear and anxiety or you can choose to walk away from the noise of the news and tap into the things that make us human: love, joy, connection, planning, dreaming and creation. You can choose to focus on the freedoms we have seemingly been stripped of, or you can relish in the freedom our undistracted hearts have been given. Post Coronavirus, we will see new systems, new creativity, new leaders. It’s like a rebirthing of the new world and even if right now life seems challenging and painful, I see it as a process of a much needed transformation. Trust the higher intelligence of the universe because it knows what it’s doing – breathe and go with the flow.

You see, as the world shuts down in physical distancing and social isolation, you have the choice to use this time rather than being used by it. We have all been given an incredible opportunity to look within and consciously connect with ourselves, an opportunity to awaken to a whole new world: your inner world. The gift of this solitary time offers us space to evolve and grow and to face whatever it is we need to overcome; in this stillness, without the interference of the external world, you can finally listen to your own wisdom, the intuition that has been trapped within whilst spending a large part of your life being busy, focusing on doing rather than simply being. Take this time to uncover your soul’s inner guidance. This is an opportunity to hear your own genius, to show up for yourself, for your life and to thrive through this transformation.

How many of you have a creative project you have been wanting to start for years?  How many of you are exhausted by the constant pressures of doing more, gaining more, achieving more? How many of you are tired of racing though your busy lives? Use this time for you, for your soul. Read that book you never had time for. Write that novel or autobiography that you have been called to share with the world, start that yoga or meditation practice you have meaning to begin. Cook, play, connect, rest, sleep, dance, sing, paint, or whatever it is you have always wanted to do. Live simply. On the other side of this you will see what all this was for; we will see a new wave of creativity, of compassion for others, of personal transformation and reinvention. Take this time to do more of what you love. It’s time to heal not only ourselves but this beautiful planet we inhabit which we have gradually been destroying. Turn this experience into a better world for all. Breathe!

It’s time to stop.

Stop the attachment to the material world.

Stop the shopping.

Stop the running.

Stop the craziness.

Get back to a state of stillness – Get back to what really matters.
The meltdown of life how we know it is a wakeup call to humanity to find stability and safety by focusing inward and by choosing love over fear. I truly believe that in this time of great uncertainty we can all find a deeper calling and purpose. The death of normal is leading the way to a better future for all mankind.

On a final note, the world needs you more than ever and we can all play our part and be the solution. By spreading Love rather than fear, trusting in the power of your inner wisdom and finding ways to serve, we will get through this. We are all together as one.


As I extend love and light to the world, I invite you to do the same.


Patrizia x

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