The Journey to Expanded Consciousness: Discovering the Real You

How many of you can honestly answer this question: Who are you?’

My own quest to finding an answer, a question I first asked myself as an adolescent, has led me to an often painful but enlightening life journey and experiences in the pursuit of discovering the real me.

One of the key principles of quantum physics is that our thoughts determine reality. Our direct understanding and experience of reality is but a construct of our own minds which helps us navigate life in a way that creates order and structure in an otherwise chaotic world. We do this to protect ourselves and make us feel safe but as I have discovered, this is not a true picture of reality.

Removing illusionary obstacles that tie you to the physical realm allows you to accept what Dr. Deepak Chopra calls ‘infinite potentiality’. These illusionary obstacles come in the form of thoughts that live in the continuum of low vibrational energy; thoughts such as competition, survival, judgement, punishment, fear. Thoughts arising from social consciousness rather than divine consciousness. When you tap into your higher self/source energy/the universe on the other hand, you begin to see a unified view of the unlimited possibilities that surround you; when you tap into your higher self, you tap into the flow of something far greater than yourself, you tap into the invisible mystical cord with binds everything together, affirming the interconnection of all things within creation.

Expanding your soul and raising your consciousness is about opening yourself to newer possibilities, reconnecting with your inner self, embracing the divine within you and most importantly, it’s about freeing yourself from the pain and suffering that has been keeping you captive by living within the false illusions of the ego. The journey to expanded consciousness allows you to discover that you are not what society has told you you are, you are not the titles given to you and you are not what you have. Many of us go through life trying to be somebody else, living in these false illusions, completely removed from the true essence of who we really are.

My own spiritual journey began as a result of a series of difficult, traumatic events which eventually led me to a variety of healing modalities and mindfulness practices including meditation. I soon discovered the great benefits meditation had on my mind, body and soul, helping me to connect with myself, to restore balance in my thoughts and emotions, lowering stress levels and raising my vibrations and as a result, bringing me more clarity and joy. Meditation opens up a direct link between yourself and the higher realms of consciousness resulting in feelings of peace, happiness and well-being even amid the chaos you may be surrounded by.

In my own experience, the key indicator that you are at a turning point in your spiritual path is when you start to live from a heart-centred place; when your consciousness moves away from the confines of the mind and starts to operate from the heart. You begin to break down the walls that have been constructed over your lifetime to guard and protect the features of yourself that are the most vulnerable. This is not an easy process but one that is needed in the journey to expanded awareness/consciousness. The only way to move past the pain, past the fear and past the judgement is to move through them. Yes, this means feeling them. As Rumi, the Sufi mystic and poet once said:

“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.”

Many of us have learnt to suppress these fears, the judgements and the pain as a coping strategy to not have to feel them, but this leads to a life lived in the confines of your own wounded and false self.

When consciousness moves to the heart, it becomes so clear that our emotions are actually the language of our inner guidance system, our intuition. You begin to see the connection between your thoughts and emotions and your reality and the recognition of this allows you to take full responsibility for all that follows. You find yourself watching the movie of your own life from the perspective of an observer, from a place of peace and truth, watching without judgement as the reality of your physical life unfolds before you. You start to have higher levels of compassion for yourself and for humanity, as living from a heart-centred space manifests as increased love and good will.

Upon reflection, I know now that there was no way I could bypass the pain that is often connected with this stage of the journey into expanded consciousness. If you find that you are in the midst of this stage, I hope that this piece of writing offers you some insight and support into what is happening and to accept yourself and your life as it is right now rather than resisting what is unfolding before you. What I thought would be my demise transformed me into a courageous pillar of strength and light. By allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to be stripped back from the pain and fears you have carried around your whole life, you will be rewarded with the realisation of how strong and powerful you truly are, always were and always will be. You will come to know that you are God/Divine Consciousness/Universal Energy in form. We all are. When you align with you heart, with your soul, you will find God/Divine Consciousness/Universal Energy.

When you start to follow your deepest desires, listen to the voice of your inner knowing, welcome change and believe in possibility, God/Divine Consciousness /Universal Energy is at work. Your world shifts and expands, creating a multidimensional reality which cannot be perceived by the conscious mind, releasing you from the confinement of thoughts based in logic and practicality. You come to a strong realisation and recognition that all of your power lies in the present moment, that in fact, nothing but the present moment exists.

Power of Now

With much love and light

Patrizia x

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